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Showcase the “Trenino Verde delle Alpi” experience on social media through a series of influencer trips.

The project

Following the brief received from DMO Visit Piemonte for the Interreg Italy-Switzerland project “TVA”, we managed to consolidate three influencer trips on the route of the “Trenino Verde delle Alpi”, served by BLS AG, project partner together with the Distretto Turistico dei Laghi.

The aim was to increase visibility of the “Trenino Verde delle Alpi” through engaging and attractive user-generated content. Each itinerary was designed to showcase all the most exciting activities and experiences that travellers can enjoy in this area, where nature and culture meet in an amazing way.

Travelling on board the TVA from Domodossola to Bern with different stops along the way, the influencers who got involved created live content during the whole experience and extra content that would be used for the editorial plan of the TVA pages. In addition, a discount code on the TVA daily card was given to share with followers in order to generate traffic to the landing page.

Trip’N’Roll (135k IG), Marta una valigia di sogni (73k IG), In Viaggio col Tubo (87k IG) were the influencers selected to discover this beautiful area by travelling in a sustainable way with the TVA and sharing it on their social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok).

We succeeded to produce a total of 23 static posts and 140 IG stories story-telling the whole TVA experience.

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