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Tourism Hub following to the brief received from Marketing Greece, private board with the aim to promote Greece as a modern and exciting tourism destination via its innovative consumer platform, as part of the International Blogtrotters program 2019, has managed to consolidate a travel and lifestyle influencer visit within an itinerary focused on one of the marvelous Ionian Sea islands of Greece: Zakynthos.

Two Italian travel and food influencers have been engaged to promote on their Trip advisor, FB, IG pages and blogs the exciting offer of the island, from the pristine natural landscape, to the unique marine life and to the exceptional Mediterranean food offer. Federica Di Nardo (179k IG) and Alessandro Zaccaro (16.9k IG) were the influencers selected to discover and promote the island. We succeeded to produce 13 posts on social channels  and 2 blog articles on and 

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