Territorial Marketing Plan - Pino Torinese

Project period

Target audience

Municipality and Consumers

The brief

Plan to develop Pino Torinese perception and create new opportunities providing a marketing plan

The project

Pino Torinese is a well known small town in the hills of Turin (8000 inhabitants), recognised in the top 5 richest cities in Italy. The municipal council has selected Tourism Hub to create a territorial marketing plan aimed to increase proximity tourism. Tourism Hub addressed the stakeholders of the municipality with a targeted questionnaire deleveloping a report including a detailed SWAT analysis on the opportunities and criticalities of the territory. In the second part of the mandate, a survey was also addressed to the citizens of Pino and neighboring towns via social media campaigns to identify Pino's perception by consumers. Collecting all data and comparing the stakeholder and consumers outcomes, Tourism Hub delivered a territorial marketing plan identifying the salient points, obtaining unexpected data that will allow the Municipality of Pino Torinese to include a new territorial development plan in the next mandate.

Stakeholder interviews
Consumer interviews
Activations proposed